Not Your Mother’s Beach Towel 

Memorial Day weekend 2020 is in the books, and summer has officially begun! It’s a time of lazy days spent relaxing around the pool, trips to the shore, and vacations on sunny beaches. So, whether your vacation destination happens to be a secluded beach in the Maldives or simply your neighborhood pool, make sure you have all the essentials in your beach bag: Sun tan lotion, sunglasses, perhaps the latest paperback novel, and, for sure, one of our peshtemals — our soft and luxurious Turkish beach towels. 

This is definitely not your mother’s beach towel. Nothing like the terrycloth version, these beautiful Turkish peshtemals are the softest and most durable towels on the market. Favored by royalty, aristocracy, celebrities, and luxury hotels and spas, they have been the last word in luxury since at least the 17th century and the advent of Turkish baths or hamams. The peshtemal  is said to be the first towel ever invented. But you don’t have to be royalty or have celebrity status to enjoy the lushness, comfort, and efficiency of our peshtemals. Woven from super-long-fiber, high-quality Turkish cotton (the highest quality cotton grown on Earth), your peshtemal won’t grow threadbare or develop frayed edges after a few uses. It will actually become more soft and fluffy through successive washings and dryings. Additionally, you’ll be amazed that, in spite of its light weight and thinness, it is super absorbent. This means your peshtemal will dry quickly, either on the line or in the dryer, and it will not eventually pick up that annoying mildew scent that many regular cotton towels acquire. It will remain fresh and comfortable for years to come. 

Moreover, you’ll find your Turkish peshtemal is versatile. It can be used for more than just a beach or pool towel. Its many uses include bath towel, beach blanket, travel blanket, camping towel, yoga mat, even as a sarong. And you will find your peshtemal is plenty soft enough to wrap the baby – straight from his (or her!) bath. 

Our peshtemals are also available in a wide variety of luscious colors, patterns, and weaves. Our weaves include both jacquard and dobby; and our own custom-made dyes make our products wholly unique. Embroidered designs are also available. Our prices range from low to high. If you’ve never experienced wrapping up in one of these luxurious towels, it’s time you pampered yourself. Once you’ve known the feel of a peshtemal, you’ll never go back to terrycloth!

Denizli Peshtemal is a family-owned business. We have been producing Turkish towels and other quality products since 2007. Our towels and other items sell not only in Turkey but also to countries throughout the world, including the U.S., Canada, E.U. countries, Australia, and New Zealand. Don’t let this summer pass you by without the comfort of a Denizli Peshtemal.